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Funded Project / Grant:


  • Funding agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). Title: "Solid-state thin-film rechargeable batteries with solid electrolyte to achieve a wider electrochemical/thermal stability, better safety and long cycle lives with good capacity retention": (Dec 2020 - Dec 2023).


  • Funding agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). Title: "Structural orientation effects of new low dimensional hybrid perovskites on their physical properties”, as Co-PI in collaboration with TIFR, India: (Jan 2020- Dec 2022).


  • IIT Indore and LU Hannover Partnership in Physics, Chemistry, Bio Science & Computational Science. Funding agency: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funded project LUH-IIT Indore Partnership (2019-2023) under the "A New Passage to India program". The proposal from Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) with IIT Indore. Dr. Sudeshna Chattopadhyay is one of the investigators from Indian side among 6 Indian and 10 German academicians.


  • Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology, India (DST). Project "Exploring novel electrode materials, through surface / interface modification, for new generation Li-ion batteries with improved performance/capacities" : (Aug, 2014 - Aug, 2017).


  • Funding agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India (CSIR). Project "Generalized method of fabrication of tunable self-assembly to design nano-scale arrays and patterns --Engineering of the electro-magnetic field in the nano-scales, an important goal of photonics": (Oct 2014 - Oct 2017).


  • Funding agency: DST (India) - DESY (Germany). To carry out the research / experiment at DESY, Germany.


  • Funding agency: DAAD (Germany) - DST (India). Faulty exchange programme for joint research work.


  • Funding: from Department of Physics, New Mexico State University (NMSU), USA (through Funding agency NSF, USA) for joint research work with Professor Stefan Zollner.


  • Funding agency: DST-FIST. Raman Spectrophotometer from Physics Department, IIT Indore, 2016/17 [Proposal from Physics Dept.- Contributor from the Department]

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